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Sound like you? Barley & Rye Co. partners with innovative creatives across the country to bring you revolutionized brand marketing to help your brand stand out among the competition.

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Barley & Rye Co. is a network of creatives who use their collective experience to create meaningful and intentional content in a variety of mediums. We are challenge chasers and passionate problem solvers. We'd love to connect with you over a locally brewed coffee.

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wondering if we're the right fit for you? let's talk about it.

Establishing a solid foundation is the key to success when establishing branding and marketing efforts. We will take the time to sit down with you and understand not only how your business operates, but what efforts have been utilized in the past to see what is working for you, or what’s not.

This begins a short, get to know each other period where we’ll learn about your project and determine if we’re a good fit based on scope, timeline, budget, and general vibe.


we know how to build and nourish your brand

1. We Design The Plan

Your brand is as unique as your fingerprint. Through a series of in person workshops or online facilitated conversations, we’ll build the foundation of your brand. The heart and soul of it.

2. We Brand The Business

This is when you brand starts to come to life. We’ll draft all deliverables – think color palettes, fonts, logos, icons, artwork for print, a website.

3. We Get It To The Masses

Whether it's a new website, eye-catching advertisements, or a social media engagement boost, we know how to target your ideal clients effectively and will make sure your first impression is a great one.

Meet the collective founders

Each bringing their own area of expertise, Julia and Chelsea banded together after noticing a need in their local area of high-quality marketing and branding services. Together they make up the two primary pillars of Barley & Rye. High level brand identity and engaging marketing directed straight to your ideal client.

Chelsea Trosper


I believe your business should stand out. I believe your brand should be as unique as your fingerprint. I believe you should be proud of your business and how you present that business to the world matters. You only get one first impression and it's my goal through strategic design aimed at targeting your ideal client, that first impression will stay with them forever. I thrive when I am creating or reforming brands to become their best selves.

Julia Blake


Hey, I'm Julia Blake, a down-to-earth lady with a passion for marketing - marketing is my love language. I believe in the transformative power of marketing and its ability to elevate a business' visibility, boost event attendance, and help a business build community. Marketing has this ability to engage and inspire people and that's what I'm all about. Great marketing and great partnerships come from collaboration. That's why we proudly function as a collective. When you sign with us, you get a village, because well, sometimes it takes one.

our core values


Seek Growth & Learning

To be able to deliver our best to our clients, we must always be learning and growing. We follow industry changes, engage in classes, trainings, and old fashioned book reading.


Culture of Community

We are firm believers in community and community over competition. We choose to collaborate with other experts to empower and lift up other creatives.


Open & Honest

Through communication, it is our goal to have open and honest relationships with our clients. No matter what you're going through, it can get personal and scary. We are the lighthouse that'll safely guide you home.

lets talk about it


About Us

We bring clarity, connection, and growth to your brand through strategic solutions. We help you determine where you want to take your business and map out how to get you there. We’ll define your customers, clarify your voice, and nail your goals through strategic branding and marketing.

Work With Us

If you're interested in becoming a partner, we encourage you to click here to submit your resume and portfolio. Don't worry, we won't leave you hanging either way. We'll reach out to you in a few business days to let you know if we'd like to move forward with an interview.

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