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Meet The Founders

Barley & Rye Co. is a network of creatives who use their collective experience to create meaningful and intentional content in a variety of mediums. We are challenge chasers and passionate problem solvers. We'd love to connect with you over a locally brewed coffee.



Hey, I'm Julia Blake, a down-to-earth lady with a passion for marketing - marketing is my love language. I believe in the transformative power of marketing and its ability to elevate a business' visibility, boost event attendance, and help a business build community. Marketing has this ability to engage and inspire people and that's what I'm all about.

Great marketing and great partnerships come from collaboration. That's why we proudly function as a collective. When you sign with us, you get a village, because well, sometimes it takes a village.



“Good design is invisible.” -Oliver Reichenstein, iA

Do you notice design? You should, because it’s all around you. Look at the box of cereal in your pantry, the smart phone in your pocket, the tablet on your kitchen table or even the label on the bottle of soda you’re drinking. It was all designed by a person or team. You don’t notice these things because they’re done well. They aren’t sticking out as an eyesore in your life. That is my goal. Be invisible.

Our Partners



Seek Growth & Learning

To be able to deliver our best to our clients, we must always be learning and growing. We follow industry changes, engage in classes, trainings, and old fashioned book reading.


Culture of Community

We are firm believers in community and community over competition. We choose to collaborate with other experts to empower and lift up other creatives.


Open & Honest

Through communication, it is always our goal to have open and honest relationships with our clients. No matter what process you're going through, it can get personal and scary. We want to be the lighthouse that will safely guide you home.



We’ll kick things off with a 15 minute introductory call if we haven’t already. This begins a short, get to know each other period where we’ll learn about your project and determine if we’re a good fit based on scope, timeline, budget, and general vibe. Branding can become very personal and getting along usually helps the process run smoothly. If it turns out that we're not a great fit at any point in the project, that's okay! We’re always happy to send the referral to someone in our network who might be a better fit for the project.

Check The Foundation

Establishing a solid foundation is the key to success when establishing branding and marketing efforts. We will take the time to sit down with you and understand not only how your business operates, but what efforts have been utilized in the past to see what is working for you, or what’s not.

During this period we’ll do all the digging and ask the right questions so this initial process is streamlined and stress free for you. We’ll not only look at your business numbers, but we’ll interview customers and gather market research to find growth opportunity.

Design the Plan

Your brand is as unique as your fingerprint. Through a series of in person workshops or online facilitated conversations, we’ll build the foundation of your brand. The heart and soul of it.

We’ll help facilitate the discovery process to guide you in processing but also articulating who your brand is at its core. We can help translate abstract and incomplete ideas about your business into a visual story that makes sense.

The process includes getting to know your brand and what sets you apart from your competition and why your customer should choose YOU. We’ll also come to an understanding on your look and feel for the brand. How you want to present yourself to you customer.

Every discovery session is custom tailored to your needs. Discovery sessions are typically broken up over two days, but can be adjusted to fit your schedule.

Brand the Business

This is the fun part. We’ll discuss everything your brand needs to be successful after our strategy is formulated. We’ll get to work on drafting all deliverables – think color palettes, fonts, logos, icons, artwork for print, a website – all set in the design contract. We’ll keep in touch throughout this phase to ensure we remain on the same page and continue to work towards the same goals with set deadlines for each deliverable.

Marketing & Beyond

We won't leave you to the wolves. You can focus on your day-to-day operations; we will handle any long-term marketing support you might be needing. From social media support to event coordination, we're your marketing genie in a bottle. 

Let's talk about it

About Us

We bring clarity, connection, and growth to your brand through strategic solutions.

We help you determine where you want to take your business and map out how to get you there. We’ll define your customers, clarify your voice, and nail your goals through strategic branding and marketing.

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